DEC Club Meeting 8 May 2019

Club president went over minutes from the meeting held in January 2019. 

Club president shared the current financial status:

Current balance: $1497.00

Due to a poor turnout for the CCORS race at Henderson Pond, the club just about broke even.

Paid out for the CCCORS event:

  • $329 port-a-potties
  • $40 trail markings

Hope for the Warriors

On April 6th, 2019 several members of DEC assisted with the adaptive cyclists. It was a great event.


The president outlined the MOU that the club has with MCCS. Basically, since the club takes care of Henderson Pond maintenance, they are compelled to assist us with any events we may have on base.

Onslow County MTB Park

We are still in the very early stage of starting a new MTB trail around the Pony Farm road area.  Consisting of over 500 acres of land and the county’s wiliness to work with DEC makes this one of the best deals for cyclist and the county. 

Road Events
The club has plans for several road events this year:

  • Gran Fondo beginning of June. The cost will be $10 to help defray the costs of food, GUs, water, etc. POC is Steve Clark
  • There are talks about a road trip to Myrtle Beach this summer to spend a weekend riding different roads.
  • Tour De Blueberry Ride- Every year DEC sends a contingent of cyclists to the Blueberry Festival metric century in Burgaw. This is a non-competitive bicycling event and all routes are on country roads with light traffic. The date is Saturday, June 15, 2019 starting at Burgaw Middle School, 500 S. Wright Street, Burgaw. Got to to sign up.
  • There has been some interest in hosting a time trial on base. POC is Ryan Brady
  • Patriot 100: Like last year we are going to continue to have a century ride on base on the weekend of Veteran’s Day/Marine Corps Birthday. The route will be on Camp Lejeune. Hopefully this year we can get MCCS support and open the ride to more participants.

The club adopted a new logo. Thank you to Monica Brady for designing it.

Meeting ended at approximately 7:40 pm.

DEC Club Meeting: 24 Jan 2019

Club secretary went over minutes from the meeting held in Aug 2018. 

Club Treasurer shared the current financial status. 

Current Bal:  $1256.00
Paid out:

  • NICA (donation) $400
  • Equipment $869
  • Gift Certificates $335
  • Misc supplies $329  (Event swag:  food, beverages, gels etc)
  • Total Spent: $1934

Club President began the meeting.

  • Joe volunteered to stay President for 2019.   No objections.
  • Steve Clark will be assuming the role as club secretary and Bruce Lockhart will continue his role as trail master and tool custodian.
  • Due to extensive storm damage, Chris Griffin will either suspend or resign his position as VP and a replacement was requested by the club president. Please see Joe if you are interested.

Current business:

Croatan Buck 150

Matt Hawkins , owner of Ridge Supply, started off his presentation with a hearty thank you to the DEC volunteers who participated in last year’s event. After a brief history of what the race is about, DEC was asked to setup and maintain the main aide station (Black Swamp). 

What we need:

  • Volunteers to not only assist with the main aide station but also setup up and maintain mini aide stations along the route.
  • ATV/UTV’s needed to assist evac situations should they arise on Savage road.


Renewing our Carteret Speedway bonds. 

Carteret Speedway’s location and the owner’s willingness to open his speedway up for cycling events was discussed.  DEC utilized the speedway last year with minimal participation but may add the location for possible TT/Criterium racing.


New mountain bike location:  Northwest Corridor Complex

We at the very early stage of starting a new MTB trail around the Pony Farm road area.  Consisting of over 500 acres of land and the county’s wiliness to work with DEC makes this one of the best deals for cyclist and the county.  Stay tuned for continuing developments.

Approximate area of proposed MTB trail.


Storm damage clean up. 

DEC trail crew was able to get Henderson Pond open 3 weeks after the storm.  Over 400 trees either removed or cut from the trail, rerouting trail and backbreaking bending and stooping to clear debris made this one of the toughest projects ever tackled by DEC.   Hendo was the first trail open in the storm’s path.


Uncomplimentary trail markings on Henderson Pond. 

MCCS’s staff painted orange markings throughout the course without realizing the consequences to the beauty of the landscape.  DEC suggested MCCS contact our club so that we can assist with temporary markings for future events. 


National Interscholastic Cycling Association

NICA couch Jeff LeBlanc briefed the club on the current status of the Dirt Dawg’s racing team.  The team is growing and emphasized that they are always looking for new riders and couches.   For more info please contact Jeff LeBlanc


End of Meeting

Duration:  1 hour