DEC Club Meeting 14 January 2020

DEC Club Meeting 14 January 2020
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Date: January 16th, 2020

Meeting commenced at 7 pm. Here is what was covered:

Club president shared the current financial status: Current balance: ~$1400.00

Club goals for 2020

Joe said we sponsored a few rides last year and made some money for the club. Club goals for 2020- six rides: two road, two gravel, & two mountain bike rides.


Membership still $20 individual $30 family. Please signup here:

Upcoming events:

1 February 2020 – need volunteers to help clean trail at Brunswick. We’ll meet at Bicycle Gallery at 8am and carpool there.

8 February Brunswick – DEC CCORS race. DEC is sponsoring. This is a huge event for us. We expect a huge turnout. We need people to help setup/teardown/etc.

8 February – MCCS Xtreme 12k+ Endurance Run at Henderson Pond.

14 March – Buck Fifty. DEC runs the aid station at the turnaround point. We always have a great time. We need volunteers. Contact Joe or Bruce to sign-up. More info about the BuckFifty here:

ridge supply

Camp Lejeune Entry

Camp Lejeune is cracking down on entry if you don’t have a military ID or some sort. There may be big changes coming to their trusted traveler program where all you need is a sponsor to get on base. We’ll keep you updated.

Down East Dirt Dawgs

DEC will be sponsoring Down East Dirt Dawgs this year again with a donation to help some the riders get to events. If you are interested in helping please contact Jeff LeBlanc.