BG’s Inaugural Hawaiian Shirt MTB Ride

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The Bicycle Gallery kicked off it’s inaugural Hawaiian Shirt MTB Festival today at Henderson Pond and it was a huge success. 35+ riders and their families showed up for some trail riding and fun afterwards. The ride consisted of a modified 6 mile loop around Henderson Pond due to the heavy rains the night before. During the trail ride, some of the riders tried their skills at some of the features. Some with better luck than others.

Jimmy went down off his first try at the teeter. Sarah tried to perfect her scorpion skills off of Bruce’s log skinny. Jerry thought it would be cool to kiss the back of Sarah’s tire on a climb and ended up on his back, he also executed a textbook forward shoulder roll during the Wobble Ride. Even though there were a good set of spills, everyone bounced back up and jumped back on the bike.

Here’s a few pictures and video of the event:

The Huffy Chuck: Winner – Mike Oddo

Award – Dashboard Hula Dancer


Wobble Ride: Winner – That one kid that was faster than everyone

Award – Bike Parts Plaque


Obstacle Course: Winner – Bruce Lockhart

Award – Dashboard Hula Dancer


The “Suck it Up” aka “Keepin’ it Gangsta” award: Winner – Sarah Nathan for best consecutive YOLO Scorpions off a 3′ tall obstacle.

Award – The coveted bedazzled rear derailleur on the 0 karat gold chain (and internal bleeding).


Watch the video for some Scorpion Headers and Hawaiian Shirt fun.