Hendo Repairs

A quick update from Henderson Pond Trail:

Unfortunately it turned out to be a beautiful day, but even though we weren’t “all hands on deck”, we got quite a bit accomplished. Greg from Cape Fear SORBA brought out some heavy artillery and made quick work of what would’ve taken us forever with just a few shovels.

Here are some photos of the trail repair.

Please don’t ride these sections (behind PMU) until the sections a have been raked out and tamped down.

These sections are still wet and very soft! If you ride a soft section of trail, ride THROUGH THE CENTER! This protects the trail and helps avoid “trail creep” and more damage. Easier to fix one tire groove than two foot wide ruts for a mile!

If you have time to spare and a rake handy, contact Jeff, Jerry, or Bruce and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction!

image image image