Henderson Pond

Henderson Pond Trail is on board Camp LeJeune and was born with a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) between Down East Cyclists and Camp LeJeune. The agreement authorized the club to build biking/hiking trails in the Henderson Pond Recreational area. The trail has been built and maintained over the years and we finally have close to 8 miles of solid trail built for anyone with access to the base and their guests to ride and hike. The trail has been home to one of the races in the Coastal Carolina Off-Road Series (CCORS) MTB Races, Time Trial events, and more!

Current Henderson Pond Route

From Main Gate:

As you enter Camp LeJeune, pass through the first traffic light and make a left turn at the second light on to Old Saw Mill Road. Within 1/2 mile you will see a fence line on your right with a dirt road cutting through it. As you reach the end of the fence line on this dirt road you will see the trail cutting across, you can park at any of the parking areas or head down to the pond (take all rights on the dirt road) and park there [see trail access point #2 or 3].

PMU/Race Day Parking:

From Holcomb Blvd main gate, follow through two traffic lights and make a left turn at the big MCCS sign in the median. [see trail access point #4]

From Piney Green Gate:

On the Piney Green side of the trail, there is an access road to the ponds across from the “G” Range. You can park in any one of the parking areas as the trail passes each of them. [see map for trail access point #5/6]

**Do not park at the paved Game Warden parking lot [trail access point # 7]. They will issue citations to any cyclist who parks there.**

For Mountain Bike Races (like CCORS) and Special Events (like TAKMD), we utilize the “2nd Med PMU” parking area off of Holcomb Blvd. Pass through both traffic lights when you enter through the main gate and look for a bright neon sign on your left. There is a left turn just past this neon sign leading to the 2nd Med PMU area.

There is a way to get your Base Visitors pass in advance of CCORS races at Henderson Pond. For advanced visitors passes, you must get this information in no later than two weeks prior to race day so it can be processed. Without an advanced pass, you can still gain access to the base on race day but must present the required information below to the visitors center at the Main Gate. In order to participate and gain access into Camp Lejeune, every person 18 years and older, racing or not, must have their valid driver’s license or state issued ID with them. The driver of each vehicle must present a valid drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of current insurance. In an efforts to make this a bit more efficient, you may email this information to Jeff LeBlanc at ncleblancs@ec.rr.com No Later Than two weeks prior to race day for an advanced screening visitors pass. You will need to email him the following information:


Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License # + State, Vehicle Info (Year, Make, Model, Color, Plate # + State), Vehicle Insurance Info (Company, Policy # and Expiration Date), Home Address.

Passengers 18+ Years Old:

Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License # or State ID # + State issued, Home Address.

Check our EVENTS page for upcoming rides and races at this location.