Prepare Early for Hendo Race

Just like last year, there is a way to get your Base Visitors pass in advance for CCORS race #4 at Henderson Pond on April 9th. For advanced visitors passes, you must get this information in no later than March 26th so it can be processed before the April 9th race! Without an advanced pass, you can still gain access to the base on race day but must get in line and present the required information below to the visitors center at the Main Gate.

In order to participate and gain access into Camp Lejeune, every person 18 years and older, racing or not, must have their valid driver’s license or state issued ID with them. The driver of each vehicle must present a valid drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of current insurance.

In efforts to make this a bit more efficient, you may email this information to Jeff LeBlanc at No Later Than March 26th for an advanced screening visitors pass. You will need to email him the following information:
Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License # + State, Vehicle Info (Year, Make, Model, Color, Plate # + State), Vehicle Insurance Info (Company, Policy # and Expiration Date), Home Address.
Passengers 18+ Years Old:
Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License # or State ID # + State issued, Home Address.