Thinking about joining the Trail Crew?

Do you have ideas about what you’d like to see on the trails and playgrounds?  Do you have a vision for a new line you’d like to see on a current trail?  Maybe work on a pump track to sling your dirt jumper or BMX around?  Maybe you just like the idea of slinging a hammer, machete or chainsaw?

Well now you can.  You don’t even need tools – the club provides them on workdays!  If you are the motivated type who wants to give back to the trails you ride, or if you just have some spare time and want to help out the MTB/BMX community – give us a shout.  The weather is warming up, trails are drying out, and new trails and tracks are being built.  That means riding is has already jumped into full swing.  With the amount of traffic that our trails get and the environmental factors we deal with, the more help we have the better our trail systems will be.

We currently maintain Henderson Pond and the Commons and Jacksonville Pump Track (Coming Soon).  Join us to leave your mark in the local community!


Henderson Pond Trail Work an “Uphill” Battle

Supervision is Key
Supervision is Key

Our beloved Hendo has been taking a serious beating with the wonky weather and environmental changes.  Heavy rains, snow freeze/thaw, and back flowing of water systems has covered quite a bit.  The whole back side of PMU loop (Between Old Sawmill Rd fence line, Holcomb Blvd, and the PMU building) has been unrecoverable.

The beautiful thing about Hendo, is that the trail is always open to riders, runners, and hikers. The bad thing about Hendo is also that it’s always open. With bad weather comes poor trail conditions, and I know more than anyone that when the sun finally comes out I get the “jones” to ride.

Our trail volunteers have worked tirelessly to maintain the trails to keep them in good shape and have added some awesome bypasses to avoid the sloppy trail sections. They’re a little soft and sluggish now, but with a little traffic, they’ll be fast and flow well.  We’ve even added some elevation in the process… Hendo has hills?!

With that in mind, please use your best judgment when riding at Hendo during or directly after inclement weather. Avoid going around mud puddles if you can so we can avoid “trail creep” and “braiding”. If it’s unavoidable, try to walk the bike to the left.  I’ll be adding a widget to this site to inform all of our trail riders of the conditions at Henderson Pond Trail so you can make an informed riding plan.

Lastly, check our events page and our meetup site to stay informed on Hendo trail work days if you want to lend a hand! We could always use more volunteers! The CCORS race is next Sunday, March 8, so we’re in maintenance crunch time. I’ve always been proud of what a few hard workers with some old hand tools could accomplish in a short amount of time.

Thanks and happy trail riding!